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Become A Software Engineer In 18 Weeks

Classes Begin Every 10 Weeks

We are committed to excellence and producing some of the finest software engineers in the world using the
Hack Reactor Curriculum

When & Where

Programs begin every 10 weeks.

Locations: Amman


Top Rated US Curriculum High Demand Industry Strong Soft Skills Development Autonomous Learning Training 4 Months Not 4 Years 1 Million JD Lifetime Earning Potential

Guaranteed Employment

Become a Software Engineer.

Learn how to think like a software engineer

Build production-grade web applications

Program Schedule
    • Phase 1 – 5 weeks. 6 days a week. 8 hours a day. Total structured hacking time: 240 hours
    • Assessment – Interview, review, selection for Phase 2
    • Phase 2 – 12 weeks + 1 solo week. 6 days a week. 12+ hours a day. Total structured hacking time: 860 hours
Daily Schedule
    • Breakfast – Arrive at 8:30 and enjoy breakfast before class begins at 9 AM.
    • Morning Kick-Off – Code challenges to hone your problem solving skills followed by introduction to a new sprint or hacking.
    • Hacking in Pairs – You’ll work with a partner on real-world projects. Leverage off each other to do something neither of you could do alone.
    • Lunch – The big meal of the day – mansef, magluba, salads, desserts…enjoy with your peers.
    • Exercise – 1 hour of no screens! Go kick a ball, do guided meditation or yoga, play ping-pong, walk, climb stairs and otherwise get your body moving!
    • Learn – Daily lecture on new concepts and code challenge solutions.
    • Deep Coding – At points during the course, students take on longer projects and learn high level meta-engineering skills around project management, team communication and code documentation.
    • Dinner – A light meal and opportunity give the brain a rest, socialize and recharge.
    • Events/More Hacking – Guest speakers, social nights, meet our hiring partners and special events. Class officially ends at 9 PM but many students will continue to hack into the night. Too late to go home? Crash in one of our beanbag chairs.

JavaScript, Github, data structures, complexity analysis, algorithms, function binding, jQuery, inheritance patterns, HTML/CSS, D3, Ajax, Backbone, ES6, APIs, React, servers, nodeJS, server-side techniques, DBs, mongoDB, structured data, SQL, noSQL, ORMs, authentication, deployment, advanced full stack development, MEAN, Angular and more.

Success based tuition model


You only pay us if you find a job as a software engineer after the program.

What is RBK’s Talent?

Talent is a new way for businesses to hire amazing technical talent. RBK eliminates the pain of recruiting by matching the perfect graduate with an amazing job opportunity at your company. The talent gap just got smaller.

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