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Reboot Kamp is the coding bootcamp of the Middle East. Based on the Hack Reactor curriculum, we accomplish in 4 months what most universities in the world fail to deliver in 4 years : market ready software engineers experienced in the world’s favourite internet programming language.

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The entire program lasts for 16 weeks and is divided into two phases, the Prep and the Immersive. The Prep is an onsite final assessment that you are required to pass in order to be admitted into the Immersive phase. Only upon successful completion of the Prep will you be admitted to the Immersive phase where the fun begins. During this stage, you will be exposed to a variety of programming methods while working in a diverse group to enhance your teamwork experience. It is worth noting that the entire program is delivered in English only.

Preparation Course (PREP)

The Prep course is designed for you to test yourself and the potential of your abilities. During four weeks, on a six days a week basis, you will experience a slower version of the Immersive Course. Together, we will evaluate how fast you can learn and whether you have what it takes to understand and digest the basics of coding. If you successfully pass this course, you will be welcomed into the Immersive Course.


Immersive Course

This is the course that will make you shine like the diamond you already are. For a period of 3 months, you will spend at least 12 hours a day working with your colleagues using a technique known as pairing. In this method, you will be part of a two-person team. For a while, you will lead your teammate as they write the code. Then, your teammate will guide you as you write the code. Together, you will not only learn to code faster, but you will unlock the hidden powers of your brain by using collaborative problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.

Job Placement

During your Immersive phase, you will be taught how to develop your online presence and sharpen your interview skills with our experienced coaches. As your graduation nears, RBK will organize a career fair whereby companies will gather to introduce themselves to you and explain their technology and culture so you can have an idea of where you’d like to apply. Following your graduation, your code will be made available online for potential recruiters to see and assess. With your CV ready, your knowledge capital increased and your confidence high, our team will be on hand and assist you with your job hunt. RBK has partnered and developed trust with the top tech companies in Jordan and will send your credentials to the companies that best suit your abilities.

Where Our
Graduates Are

RBK graduates come from different countries and have different cultures. They have different stories, different backgrounds and different accents. But they forget their worries and work together to secure a better life for themselves and their families. They hacked their way to a better future.


The main course of the Program is structured around the world famous Hack Reactor curriculum which is the top coding camp in the United States. However, at RBK, we will also work on your communication, teamwork, leadership, critical thinking and creativity skills. Just as importantly, we will enhance your stress levels by pushing you to your maximum limit.

A Sample of the Principles You’ll Learn
Data structures, Algorithms, jQuery, HTML/CSS, Ajax, Backbone, APIs, React, NodeJS, Databases, Deployment, MEAN stack development, Angular and more. Much more.



During this phase, you will learn the basic fundamentals of programming and higher order concepts using JavaScript

Functions, iteration, recursion, arrays, objects, higher order functions, data modeling, HTML, CSS, JQuery to name just a few

Immersive - Junior

Immersive - Junior

You’ll take part in two-day sprints where each sprint covers a new different concept from a different section of web development

Data structures
Front end: HTML, CSS, JQuery, Ajax Request, API’s...
Front end frameworks: React, Angular, BackBone...
Back end: Servers and Node, Databases, Authentication, Deployment...

Immersive - Senior

Immersive - Senior

You will produce something compelling using the skills you’ve honed over the previous phase. You will be working on 4 different projects, one solo and three other group projects with around 4 team members.  

Morning Schedule

  • Breakfast - Arrive at 8:30 and enjoy breakfast before class begins at 9 AM.
  • Morning Kick-Off – Code challenges to hone your problem solving skills followed by introduction to a new sprint or hacking.
  • Learn – Daily lecture on new concepts and code challenge solutions.
  • Hacking in Pairs – You’ll work with a partner on real-world projects. Leverage off each other to do something neither of you could do alone.
  • Lunch – The big meal of the day – mansef, magluba, salads, desserts…enjoy with your peers.
  • Counseling – An in-house counselor who is ready to listen and give you advice in addition to group sessions with the other colleagues.

Evening Schedule

  • Exercise – 1 hour of no screens! Go kick a ball, do guided meditation or yoga, play ping-pong, walk, climb stairs and otherwise get your body moving!
  • Learn – Daily lecture on new concepts and code challenge solutions.
  • Deep Coding – At points during the course, students take on longer projects and learn high level meta-engineering skills around project management, team communication and code documentation.
  • Dinner – A light meal and opportunity give the brain a rest and recharge.
  • Events/More Hacking – Guest speakers, social nights, meet our hiring partners and special events. Class officially ends at 9 PM but many students will continue to hack into the night. Too late to go home? Crash in one of our beanbag chairs.


In order for you to succeed, we’d like to know a bit more about you. Our Admissions gate is designed for you to test yourself and see if you have what it takes. Ranging from mindset to technical ability, the Admissions tests will require your full attention and time.


The cost of the program is 5,700 JoD and is payable upon final approval for admission to the program. Although we offer scholarships as they become available, we also have understandings with financial institutions that are willing to grant you a loan which you can pay back comfortably when you start your first job. If we recommend you, your loan is guaranteed.


If you don’t have the financial resources to attend RBK’s Software Engineering program, we are here to help. For the first time in the Arab world, RBK has partnered with Societe Generale de Banque Jordan, an internationally recognized bank, to grant loans to RBK accepted students without collateral or a guarantor ! If you’re serious about changing your life, all you have to do is pass our entrance exam and we will recommend you for the loan. Not just that, you only start paying back 6 to 9 months AFTER you graduate. This will give you plenty of time to find a job and plan your life ahead.



Meet Our
Talented Team

Our instructors, or facilitators as we like to call them, are exceptionally well armed to convey the curriculum and impart their overall knowledge. Most of them are RBK graduates who have been retained for their remarkable shine, their proven dedication and observed passion to enhance the communities in which they exist, the classroom being one. Having shed their own blood, sweat and tears, they are truly qualified to understand what each student is going through especially from a non-technical point of view. The stress, the emotional roller-coaster and the constant pressure is no stranger. They have been there. And they know how to guide you through it.


In Touch

If you have any questions, please contact us between 9 am and 5 pm from Sunday through Thursday. Our offices are closed for public holidays, but you can still email us.


  • +(962) 7 9777 1441

  • info@rbk.org

  • Khalda 19 Zarkashi Street Building 19
    Amman, Jordan.

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